Storage of chicory

DE GROENE AGRI is your partner for the storage of chicory. With more than 30 years of experience in sorting/treating and storing chicory in cubic crates, all at a very high level of quality. With 4 sorting lines and 13 freezers, this family company offers plenty of options to cool your chicory down to -2 degrees Celsius. Storage is possible 365 days a year.

It requires craftsmanship to prepare chicory for storage after harvesting. Sorting and treating for optimal product storage require special machines and expert staff.

The storage cells of DE GROENE AGRI are designed to optimally store this valuable crop. The temperature must be kept low and the air must have the right humidity and ozone. Crate storage allows for flexibility in delivery.

In addition, it is possible to store the chicory in bulk, have it defrosted, submerged and washed in a separate cell, upon which your product is prepared in big bags.

< fully grown chicory crop

If you would like us to store chicory or any other product as listed here in a freezer or a cold store, please contact us directly or request a quote! Is your product not listed? Don’t worry, contact us!

GROENVRIES is the specialist in cooling and freezing technology.


DE GROENE AGRI is a family company which combines craftsmanship with a high commitment to your product. We use an advanced warehouse management system which means that one always has an overview of stocks.



Cold stores- freezers

-2 tot +5 ℃


aeration cells

Cold stores and freezers

A GROENVRIES cold store or freezer guarantees the best storage conditions for your specific product.

Are you looking for a partner in the Netherlands and would you like to store large amounts of similar or identical products in a cold store or freezer? DE GROENE AGRI is your partner for cutting-edge freezing technology.

  • Short loading/unloading times

  • Various product treatments

  • Insight into current stocks at all times

Excellent reachability & centrally located


For our international UGE export we can store our chicory roots and onions at DE GROENE AGRI. In addition, DE GROENE AGRI also assists us with sorting and preparing for shipment.

D. Müller, UGE export - Germany

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You can store your product with us. This is possible from –2 to +5°Celsius.
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We have large storage capacity for your products.

Good to know:

  • 20,000 cubic crates aeration capacity
  • 18 cold stores and freezers
  • 40,000 cubic crates for cooling and freezing

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