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DE GROENE AGRI is specialised in the storage and transhipment of aerated, cooled, and frozen (bio) products in cubic crates. We use an advanced warehouse management system which means that one always maintains an overview of stocks, additionally, DE GROENE AGRI is GlobalG.A.P. and SKAL certified.

See below which (Bio) fruit and vegetable products you can store with us under various optimal storage conditions, including cooling/freezing cells with humidification and ozone at a temperature between -2 to + 5 degrees Celsius;

Onion sets

Quick drying, multiple loading and unloading lines, and sorting options

(Bio) Onions

Quick drying, multiple loading and unloading lines, and sorting options

Seed potatoes

Years of experience with our own cultivation, storage, and processing


Multiple sorting lines, so your product is in the freezer within 24 hours

(Bio) Celeriac

Bulk loading, removing soil, and washing are all possible

(Bio) Herbs

Your product crated in optimal storage conditions within 24 hours

(Bio) Carrot

Years of experience in storage, allowing for additional services

Fruit trees

Perfect humidity conditions for your product

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DE GROENE AGRI is a family company that combines craftsmanship with great dedication to your product. Transparent processes which can be monitored remotely.

For our international UGE export we can store our chicory roots and onions at DE GROENE AGRI. In addition, DE GROENE AGRI also assists us with sorting and preparing for shipment.

D. Müller, UGE export - Germany

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You can store your product with us. This is possible from –2 to +5°Celsius.
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We have large storage capacity for your products.

Good to know:

  • 20,000 cubic crates aeration capacity
  • 18 cold stores and freezers
  • 40,000 cubic crates for cooling and freezing

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